Company Profile

       With the advent of Aerial Age, the aviation industry is gradually entering the Chinese manufacturing world. Back in 2006, Global Group, a young company aimed at the international high-end aviation industry and the ultraprecise manufacturing. Now as Global Group men, we are starting a new era of Chinese aviation with universal values.

      Our company covers an area of 36,000 square meters in Shanghai. “Satisfying Customers, Motivating Employees, and Repaying Our Society” is our business philosophy. Aiming to achieve sustainable development, we are focusing on the manufacture of high-end telecommunications and ultraprecise production with multiple production lines since the very beginning of our establishment. Up to now, Global group has become a very important partner of world’s top multinational companies in China, as we provide them products and solutions with high quality and innovation.
      We created “barcode paperless” lean production management, which racked our products strictly, and control the working process efficiently.  Ultraprecise manufacturing makes us stick to constantly improvement in every operation, and keeping focus and professional is our consistent pursuit. We have a professional testing department with a whole set of detection equipment to ensure our great quality consistent. Quality is the life of enterprise, and every test is to maintain and improve quality, thus makes carefulness and caution our responsibility.
      In order to produce efficiently and reply promptly, we introduced advanced APS production plan and arrangement system. It not only can rapidly respond the clients’ delivery date and track the order status, but also can regulate the production management process. Scientific Management is the soul of our enterprise, and modern management is the booster of enterprise development, while advancing with the times & engaging in exploitation and innovation is our insistence.
Advanced production management system and scientific operations has made us become a high quality supplier of many international aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, etc. We supply them a whole set of aviation equipment, cabin seating and related services, etc.
      For years, with the technical accumulation in the ultraprecise industry, the strong capital advantage and the alliance with top universities, we are becoming a leader in the domestic ultraprecise electronics manufacturing. Global Company is dedicated in the core competence construction and continuously invest in the innovation research, new technology application as well as product development, which has created the high quality products and excellent service that we are proud of. 
      Eagles cleaved the sky, soaring thousands miles away.  With a brand-new appearance, Global Group is entering the international forefront market and stepping to the Aerial Age to become an excellent enterprise in the high-end system manufacturing, such as the future aerospace, high-speed railways and subways, urban intelligent security, etc.